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BBQ Spice Seasoning

This is our most popular seasoning to date, and another great seasoning success. We thought it would be tough to generate enthusiasm for a new barbecue spice in Texas. We could not have been further from the truth. This product is tremendous on all meats as well as fish.

For best results, rub meat with plenty of GameChef Seasoning, refrigerate 2 to 6 hours, and watch the flavor come alive! Use as an all-purpose flavoring during cooking or shake on prepared dishes at the table. Also excellent on grilled vegetables and in soups and sauces.

Ingredients: Salt, Raw Sugar, Spices, Paprika, Natural Flavor (yellow corn flour, natural mesquite smoke flavor), Garlic,* Onion,* and Worcestershire Powder. *Dehydrated.

Net Weight 4.25 oz. (120 g)