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GameChef Seasonings are designed to enhance the wonderful, natural flavor of wild game. Each seasoning is specifically designed to bring out the distinctive flavors of particular game meats. GameChef Seasonings are the culmination of years of development in seasoning laboratories and specialty kitchens.

Each GameChef product comes in an attractively labeled 5.5 ounce bottle with a tamper proof seal. GameChef offers additional products such as a handsome wooden gift crate, with the GameChef logo branded into the wooden slat. Custom branding is also available.

The GameChef Cookbook: From The Field To The Table (2nd Edition) makes a terrific gift for the chef who enjoys the preparation and flavor of wild game dishes. This cookbook features 50 distinctive recipes and special tips for field dressing and game preparation. The GameChef Gift Crate/Cookbook Combo makes an exceptional gift.